MIT App Inventor Summit

No. At the moment it is not possible to test the iOS version. Apple is really hard to deal with. I tested iOS at the beginning of the year but in february Apple didn’t accept a new version of the companion. So for testers the last 6 months have been silent. Now they have found a way for individuals or for schools to be able to use the iOS companion. You have to buy yourself a Apple Developer account. Yearly 99 dollars and MIT will make a custom companion for you to use. You can then use this on what should be 100 iphones, 100 ipads, etc. So for schools not so expensive but for individuals it will be. This system will launch on august 15th.


That’s what they will have to think about next. :wink:


That’s really bad news… :pensive::pensive::pensive:

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It’s a new server, testing mainly, with Alexa integration


I didn’t quite understand When I would Will be able to build apps for iOS (with app inventor)?

You can not at the moment.

I remember my excitement when I came to know that you can build IOS apps with thunkable. It only lasted until I found out that you need to pay $99/yr for developer account.

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A Apple Developer account costs 99 dollars a year. :sunglasses: Oh you wrote that. :grin::+1:


Apple: Did you know that you can build apps for my devices using Thunkable?
Me: Really? That’s great! I will try it now!
Google: Ah… but there’s someth-
Me: Wait till I finish this app!
Google: Alright.
[2 days later]
Me: OK Apple, here is my app. I want a developer account.
Apple: OK, give me $99…
Me: $99?(mumbles) That is so high…anyway it’s Apple, their prices are always high…
Apple:… for every year.
Apple: Oh, look at you, poor thing. Broke. Using your rooted, insecure android devi-
Me: That’s enough! Play Store is better and bigger that App Store anyway. I love Google. I love android.
Google: (Smirking) You couldn’t live your own failure…Where did that bring you? Back to me.
…In a parallel universe…
Internet Explorer: Great news! You can now build android apps without coding! Try MIT App Inventor now!


Wow Great Man

Only Legend Will understand :joy:


Can you show us what else was in MIT App Inventor Summit?:wink:

Out of the top of my head:

They are experimenting with realtime collaberation. So you can work together on a project.
You can test it here

They want to work on their documentation and present it in a different way inside the builder or blockseditor. So you don’t have to go to a separate page to read it.

They are thinking about working with translations of documentation.

They are working on a different curriculum.

They need to work on their Bluetooth low energy extension. Only the old version works correctly with for instance a Micro-bit.


So is there no forecast for Kodular to have iOS development?

The apple is always very bureaucratic and very expensive, :frowning:

From left to right
My son Bart, Diego, me, José (AI Master Trainer) and Mark Friedman. He developed the first version of App Inventor with professor Hal Abelson during their time at Google.

Now he works at Thunkable.


You look like my singing teacher :thinking::joy:

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My reaction:

Peter looks like the cool uncle who smuggles in the snacks for you. Bart and Diego look like the kids who take the shipment of the smuggled snacks. :joy:


@ProKoders now know what I am talking about :grimacing:
What do you think about? Share your thoughts, my little ProKoders

And to make this more epic, it won’t be in any sneakpeek


So do you think it was a bad decision to say that to us? :sweat_smile: But it is not :wink:

By the way, everyone will definitely love the that feature. And you won’t be able to stop using the feature. Trust me. Thanks to Kodular again for making the AI2 experience better than ever. I got shocked when I saw the feature for first time. :star_struck:

:kodular: Kodular is pushing the limits as always!

– from the little ProKoder