MIT App Inventor will be at FOSDEM 2021!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that…

Since it is a virtual FOSDEM a lot of things will be different. More information will follow when available.


This is how the technical side of FOSDEM will look like this year.


Hi @Peter , can you please tell me what actually a FOSDEM is/


Google is your friend

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@Peter Thank you

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The landing page is visible now. The page will be subject to change.

I made a twitch channel to have a livestream during FOSDEM. I want to test this around 13:00 CET. I will be online and i would like some of you to be there. This way i can check if everything works as it should. With any luck you can see me via my webcam or hear me speak using my bad English. :wink: :joy:

My twitchchannel is peterblocks

Let me know if you will be there.


I am online now. You can ask FOSDEM or other questions here or on the twitch channel chat.


My first livestream just ended. Had 11 visitors. Thank you for visiting.


This is a link to the App Inventor community for a schedule of the live streams during FOSDEM

You are also invited to the App Inventor chatroom. We will use it during FOSDEM to talk to all the visitors.!

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