MLM App for Sell

Hello Guys, this is an MLM App I was developing a year ago, it has features like, referring friends, online payment, accept or reject payment approval, complete profile, account creating, 5 levels, and much more.

I started developing it when I used to have a lot of time but I couldn’t finish it because I had to look for another resource to make some money as I wasn’t making enough money by app and couldn’t continue.

Please check the app from the play store and if you are interested then feel free to send me a private message and we’ll discuss the price.

Note: I will provide the latest AIA of this app and this is 100% made by me, although, the UI is influenced by many apps.
Note2: Do not be confused with earning app, it isn’t an earning app and currently there are no ads.
Note3: I never finished the app. There was a plan of 5 levels but I made only 1. It may also have some bugs.

Anyone can use these login credentials for testing the app.
Number - 9876543210
Password - test1234

Play Store Link: Go 4 Help

Some SS of the app:

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