MLM APP with real tasks and no interstitial ads

Can i create an MLM app without interstitial ads and without asking users to click on ads. Mlm app with tasks such as viewing websites and watching YouTube videos and spin&earn etc. By not using interstitial ads, i donot violate their policies and I’ll only be using rewarded video ads and banner ads(maybe not).

Hi @Ask2tag welcome to the Kodular Community
As Kodular and Google do not support earning apps because they use a lot of ads and violate admob policies.

You can make earning app like Google Opinion Rewards which does not contains ads

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I won’t be using a lot of ads. Mainly the app will consist of offerwalls and promotions from sponsors. Only one section for rewarded ads will be used. Google play and admob policies are not violated if interstitial ads are not used

No problem if you use less ads.

I focus on using less ads and more promotions and offerwalls so i don’t violate any policies and still make some money.