Mobile Authentication OTP Error

Hello Everyone,
In my app I am using Mobile Authentication for login. I have added resend OTP feature also. While login i received the otp after insert the phone code i got the message of wrong pin number (login failed). therefore i used the resend OTP feature. that time login succesfully. i used same blocks in each( login and resend ). I faced same Issue in other phone also. (Problem : I am receiving OTP code but first OTP is wrong second OTP only Correct. ) I dont know what should do?

Please help me to clear this problem.

I think u are trying in an emulator

No @Sumit1334, I am checking in my phone.

may u please upload a video of ur issue soo i can understand perfectly

Please watch video clip till end. Finally I clicked the resend OTP button. Give me a solution

Please find the video attachment

I have not tried that but just i think perhaps u are using multiple textbox to join otp then it can be the problem

See I used same textboxes to join otp to sign up. It working well…

Please note these :

  1. while signing up mobile authentication works at very first time.

  2. if I receive otp in another phone and enter otp in textbox it works at very first time. But the problem if I get otp in same phone which is used to installed the App I doesn’t works at First time.

  3. After got message of Wrong pin number ( login failed) I restarted my app that time it directly logged in.

Main Problem May be : If I get the OTP in App installed phone , Not worked at first if I get OTP from any other phone where my App not installed. That time app Logged in at first time…

Please Anybody help me to Sort out my problem​:sob:

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Hey, :sob::grin: Why did u delete your replies . Nobody here to help me​:persevere:

Because what i wrote was Contradictory to what you wrote -

I want a solution , please help me anybody

like try removing if statement or leme try pls send pm aia

i think it is wrking properly

Sorry for the Delay.
Still it’s not working properly. I’ll send aia in personal chat. Problem in Login page only.

First do sign up and logout in Settings after that login yourself. If first Login code not working use resend code btn.