Mobile back button, close window function

@ddamerico On you Proyect go to Blocks, on Left side go to Web_Viewer Component and click over this and you see all blocks available for component


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Use This One To Fix Error



I already did it, but I think I’m using the wrong logic, because now it does the process back, but stops on a newsstand page that doesn’t close …
Take a look at the attached print, follow the white page and the logic I used …

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use as @Srrazmi show you blocks

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You need to add Else on condition and Close application.

Click over Gear and you see options. Drop else to if.
Close application, you can found under the screen blocks options.


So sorry, now I understand. You have a white screen.

Tried this ( my example is on screen 4, but work on any screen ).



Blocks provided by @bestprintsf should have worked, else try to see if there is something useful in this thread


Yes, attached print …
I’ve tried several other ways, the back button of the smartphone is set up and doing the right function. The problem is this blank screen that appears after clicking the home page button of the website.
We’ve already tried blocks up places in the text function to finalizes when it gets to the main http, but it also doesn’t work.

Replicate the image from @bestprintsf post above


I already set it up this way and it doesn’t work …

Can you post either the link or a demo aia, so we can take a look at what you are trying to do


@ddamerico don’t work until you set Home Url.
Were you set Home Url, on Designer or Block ?
Post aia file and web link.

To troubleshoot your code use Do it, tip 4 App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


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I would like to thank you all for your help, really you are very good at this. It worked, I redid and put one more information n block to terminate application.
I got it, thank you!

please provide a screen shot of your blocks i am having the same issue

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hi, can you pls let me know how you fixed? I have the same problem …

did you find a solution?

Hi, problem was solved by Boban

no sorry, the problem is not solved. i see white screen page after i click back button on the home page…

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