Mobile money APP

Morning! I have a question. I would like to create an application that makes the payment or transfers with airtel Money, M-pesa and Orange Money.
Instead of going through the Ussd code, I prefer it to be done with the app. Here’s the design for you to understand a bit.

Can you help me and that? Or is there any kodular developer in the community who can help me? I know you have a solution for me certainly.

Hi , :+1:

Have you ever done anything? Have you researched how these payment platforms work? API… Or do you want to hire a developer to make an app for you?

Good evening. I would like whether to hire a developer. Find out if it can cost how much. That this application is always made using the kodular platform to allow me to integrate it into other applications that I have already created. I am a newbie on the kodular platform.

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Hello, otherwise I know how to do this with Android studio, but I would like to do it with kodular. The operation of the API I know. And I even already have the API. Only I would like to do it with Kodular

Big mistake. If you can program in java, you should do it with android studio. Since you want to deal with money and transfers Kodular is not the safest option.

I beg to differ, Mpesa Provides an API that you can use, just like firebase you need to input your api key parameters and call methods provided by them,