Mobub | Inmobi | Admob Advanced Banner, Advanced Native Banner

M Hassaan LLC
Hello Friends How Are You.
I wanted an Extentions
i Wanted to Show Ads Inmobi ads or Mobub Ads

Admob more ads

| Interstitial Video
| Rewarded Video
| Native Advanced
| Native Advanced Video

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Kodular already has AdMob components

kodular only have admob banner, interstitial or rewarded video

i wanted native banner , native banner video ,native advance banner, interstial video components

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How about you don’t spam all the tags? Wait while I tidy up your post title.

what you mean

You used a bunch of unrelated tags in the topic, made a couple typos in the title, and also posted in the wrong category.

Kodular should ditch all future updates and just concentrate on thousands of ad components.

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