Mode of list in kodular

how to find the mode of the list in kodular?

like mode of on,on, on,off,off
is on

Welcome to community. Please provide more infos because I can not understand what you want to achieve. Also have a look at

Do you mean switch? Have you tested the switch component?

No I think it is just a example

Do You Mean You Want to find the most repeated word or integer from a list ??

Try this

Why do put out your crystall balls if it would be so simple just to wait before he offers more info what he wants to archieve here? dora_paz’s post isn’t still answered.


Let’s wait for the OP to crarify what he wants and not make assumptions

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May be select list item list index

block please

yes, but the link is for duplicate

you want which item is in duplicate or the number of duplicate items of a list?

most repeating item

Maybe something like this …?


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