Monetisation (main cases)


My name is Andrii. I want to start learning and in future using kodular for development, and I have a question about monetisation. Sorry if category is wrong.

I didn’t understand clearly in what cases kodular takes their %? Is it only from adds provided by editor or if it is a online shop with payment, or any else case?

Thank you for answers!

You can search the community about kodular´s commission system.

Learn how to make great apps and how to use Kodular. Then you can worry about monetisation.

If you are already thinking about making money your apps will probably be low quality and you won’t make anything.

Stop chasing money. Create apps that people want to use regularly and the money will chase you.

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Thank you for your answers. Yes, I understand about apps quality. But at this moment I beed to know a bit more about this editor and its limitations. I see that kodular provide develooer with much more functionality than others. And it is free. But I’d like to know more about monetisation. And I have some questions. For example:

  1. If I won’t use any ads on my app - is it meen that kodular will not take any payment from my app. Even if it will be a online shop? Unfortunately I can’t find this info…
  2. If I will sell my app in future, is it meen that only I can edit or add new features to this app for customer?

As you are a new user you should learn how to use the search facility effectively. Question 1 has been answered many times.