Monetization approval pending status still shows up, though project deleted


This is for Kodular staff, tech team: I had earlier submitted an app for monetization, and it kept pending for over 4 weeks.

I’ve now deleted the project, and submitted another one (a revised version of the same project).

When I check the status, I see the message - You have another project pending for approval.

I’d like to have the new project considered for monetization.

Request to expedite this. I am a Premium member.


@Kodular take a look here.

Can anyone from @Kodular kindly reply.


@pavi2410 Can you take a look at this

Thanks Boban.

I basically want my Open Diary project to be approved for monetization. I can’t submit it because the message says I already have a project under review (the older version of the same project that I have now deleted).

I have added it in Google Ad Manager, and the status is ‘Ready’ and ‘Ad serving enabled’

My app is live on PlayStore:

Thanks to everyone who helped me here during development.

I deleted the old app under review, but can’t submit the new one.

As a premium member I was promised:

Fast-tracked approval process - Usually within 24 hours of requesting a review