Monetization Issue

I have submitted my app for review for the past 9 days but the app hasn’t been approved till now. Please approve it. tags removed by Mod

Some people have been waiting many months for approval. A quick search would have revealed this but going by your previous topics and posts it appears you prefer to just spam the forum.

Now please don’t keep spamming by asking for approval constantly, you have to wait patiently like everyone else (somebody has even been waiting since February 2021).

At least give me a date till now my app will be approved.

Nobody has a date and Kodular developers never answer questions about it.

Why don’t you ever search the forum? Do you enjoy trolling, spamming, and wasting everyone’s time? Now we know what kind of person you are.

Now it has been 3 weeks, will anyone help ??

Will it be done also ? @Kodular

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Please try to understand and stop spamming.

Lots of people are waiting for monetisation. Some have been waiting for more than a year.

Kodular staff have not said anything and they are not going to.

So you just have to keep waiting, even if it takes another year.

If you can’t wait then go use another builder or Android Studio. If you don’t want to do that then just wait like everyone else. Kodular staff do not answer questions about this issue so stop spamming.

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What type of app is it? Mr. Peter shared a post about this situation, did you read it?

It’s really simple. 99,9% of the apps that have to be approved are garbage. Earning apps, webviewer apps, copyrighted violating apps, fake apps, etc, etc, etc. They are taking all the time. So users should make less garbage, then the process will go faster. But this will probably not change because users want to make easy money so they keep sending and sending and sending the same apps over and over again. - Peter ( Moderator )

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This is a game which I am still developing, it took me 1 month and still I am making it

But my app is whatsapp status saver (2 days ago review submitted) what can i do?

I mistakenly requested monetization on kodular, but I will only publish the update of my app with adManeger banner on the play store, but kodular is not generating aab! when I try it gives error and does not generate! what to do ???

What does this error mean: TAIL Compiler - Failed to execute link AAPT2. ???