Monetization method

I don’t want to be banned from using admob and audience network. So i want to use their ads in a decent way. I have got warning from facebook saying
Traffic blocked due to policy violation.

We detected artificial or poor quality clicks, impressions or conversions.

Make changes to your app to prevent the following:

  • Artificial traffic

  • Accidental ad clicks

  • Encouraged or rewarded clicks

  • Manipulated ad targeting

How can I put my ads in a decent way?
I want to show one interstitial ad only one time to the user. How can I implement this?
please suggest me the best way to show ad.

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show us what you have tried before, how you have set your ads and where you are calling ads,

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Warnings are neat and clean…

  1. Don’t visit your own app and / or In the way you’re trying to cheat facebook.

  2. Accidental Ad clicks are counted if you’re loading ads in a way, that even you know this will bother users and will force to click on Ad, but still you use.

  3. Probably you’re offering money for clicking on Ad. Earning app? :thinking:

  4. Age targeting was not done correctly.

I haven’t installed my own app since 3months on my device.

I havent given money to user to click on ads

And, also not in your relative’s mobiles?! :sweat_smile:

Please don’t say facebook audience network cheated on you! :wink:

I showed interstitial ads on every 3 button clicks.
I saw one youtube video to show ad in this i did that.
Is it wrong?
How can i show only to the user?

Not on my relatives device also.
It is not my main earning source so i havent done these childish things.

:sweat_smile: But, warning says it all, not me!

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Why do i need to tell lie to you.Im searching for solutions so i must be genuine.
I have showed 1int ad after 3 button clicks.
May be this is the reason.
If you know correct method to show int ad plz share.

Please share your app so that I can check for the violations…

@psilwal121 Again, Can you please share your app with us?

What will you check by seeing my app.
Ad has stopped showing.

Use When ad Failed to Load block and send an APK (Kodular approved) to check…

I’ll check why Facebook sent those warning… And, where you’ve done wrong…

You should put 1 or 2 ads per screen so it is not abusing your ad providors policy or slowing down the app. Put the location of the ads at the bottom of the screen or the very top of the screen so it does not get accidently clicked.

Hoped this helped :chicken:

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Are you serious? I would uninstall any app that shows me an interstitial ad every 3 clicks. Playing too many ads in a short period of time is also abusing and can get you banned.
Does your app provide any useful service or is just to show ads?
Please post a link to your app.


This app sounds like an earning app.

Not exactly, Ads are income for developers.

Yes, I agree. I also made apps with ads. There’s nothing wrong with that.
The problem is when people just focus only in the ads instead of having a good idea or a good quality app that will make the user happy to have it show A FEW ads while using it. (Notice that I said I FEW. Not A LOT :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Using a little common sense, you have to forget for a minute you are the developer of the app and think like the user who knows nothing about making an app, they just want results and they couldn’t care less about you earning money, they don’t need to care about that.
How do you make money out of that situation? How do you keep your app installed in that user’s device? By invading him with tons of ads, videos, etc that doesn’t let them do anything? Think again.