Monetization request was given before two weeks

Hey guys ,
I am beginner , facing so many problems in Kodular now a days
One of them is given below :sweat_smile:
It has been about two weeks since the moeitisation request was given, No response has been received from Kodular yet, why…??
There is no way to cancel a given request There is no way to make a new request at all until they do something :expressionless:, please help me
what can I do for it

Please DM me your app ID associated with the approval request so that I can take a look.

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Where I can find the my app id ?

Now I am facing a new problem :slightly_smiling_face:, I can’t export my app I don’t know why is that , they are saying same thing went wrong 🤷

I got an monetization approval email of my app
But before that email there another email about saying your app was blocked…why …why

Take a look of mine

That means your app was deemed to be in violation of monetization terms, and thus was blocked from any further approval requests.

May I know which monetization term I violated , iths just a game

Maybe show some info about your game? What kind of game. Is it using a webviewer?

Some time it’s takes longer then expected time for kodular staff to review the app because of huge volume of request and I don’t think kodular has that many staff to handle every request so yeah it takes a lot of time. So be patient

Please send your mail!