Monetization status on wait since 12 months!

I requested one of my apps for monetization about a year ago and it is still in wait status. Currently, I am looking forward to monetize my app with Google ad manager but require approval for my project to do so, turns out that I’m stuck at ‘Wait’ status in Monetization section of my Project.

Can the Developer team please look into this issue, and also suggest what should I do to get approved for my other projects too

please don’t tag users in the main post

Sorry I didn’t knew about that, shall I remove those tags?

Yeah I did that, thanks for Pointing out

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and I don’t think so that your project will get monetized by seeing its name , its just a calculator app. make something unique and also give a short and a nice description while applying for monetization

Also as far as I know there is no need for approval for google ad manager

It’s not just the Calculator App it also helps in billing for Indian SMB’s and the main concern is that it’s in wait since 12 months no rejection or approval?

This is bad, which app we app what it matters? Just plz approve it if not earning app

I have hidden the app’s name for privacy reasons, Apart from that it’s a GST Calculator which provides customized result solutions according to the users need, that creates a distinction between a simple calculator and GST Calculator, also the whole interface and functionality in designed with respect to the Indian SMB usage and not for general users.

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To provide clarity on this issue, My Google Ad Manager account is approved but Kodular Monetization status is on wait since past 12 months

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Please mention your project id.

I have sent you my project id on private messenger of community, please check it.

Send your project Id to kodular not me.

The Project id is 6606298235797504

did the problem solved ?!
I have the same problem i don’t know what to do