More limits on airtable or google sheet

My airtable free plan exceeds.user of my app submit data and data saved to airtable. I can not paid for extra space due to lack of money. Can google sheet help me in this issue.

Check here the comparison between Google Sheets and Airtable:

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means no option for unlimited data storage.

I think you have 15 GB storage on free plan as Google Sheets are hosted on Google Drive.

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You can use Google Spreadsheets, It’s free to use and also have 15GB of space which is enough to store data.

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Use Google Spreadsheet it’s free and also have a 15GB of free storage

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Airtable free Unlimited bases
1,200 records per base
2GB attachment space per base
2 weeks revision and snapshot history

Google Sheets Free
Free for 15GB of storage and all features.

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but googlesheet do’t provide any official Api Key.
and @help_cttricks Extension not secure because this extension not work without “Anyone Can View And Edit” Permission.

I didn’t use Google Spreadsheet But You can also check this

hey there…the extension by @ct_tricks has been improved a lot. It is complete secured now.

Do check the recent update on the extension at Cloudsheets Extension - Control your Google Spreadsheet from App