More MB than used show up on project, limiting export in free version

Describe your issue

Kodular app shows 9MB when I should have only used 3MB after accidentally adding the same extension several times after Kodular crashed.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Open Kodular Creator
  2. Start a new project
  3. Add an extension
  4. Kodular crashes and doesn’t show “Extension added” dialog.
  5. Try adding extension again.
  6. “Extension added” dialog is shown.
  7. Kodular MB limits shows 9MB instead of 3MB, therefore I can’t export project.

Expected Behaviour

Kodular doesn’t crashes and adds the extension, permits the deletion of the extension

Actual Behaviour

Kodular crashed and added the extension 3 times but it doesn’t show up on tools.

Please help me :sob: :sob: :sob: its a project for school and I don’t have money to pay the subscription! If there’s any workaround please tell me or if there is a way to save my app! Thanks a lot in advance!!

Did you try starting a new project, what extension is it?

Yes! A new project was done but I’m going to have to redo everything and the deadline is nearer and nearer. The extension is OneSignalPush, the free one, but I don’t think the extension was the problem, rather Kodular. Thanks a lot for your reply!

Alternatively, you can use this extension, size is less than 1.5 MB, consider it as a one time investment. You can use it as many times you want.

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