More then one picture in each line of a listview

Hello together…
I am working on a game, in which I created a leaderboard for the players.
In this leaderboard, I want to show the user’s skin (as a picture) and the league, he’s playing in (as well as a picture (for example “gold-league”)).
And here comes the problem… I didn’t find a way, to display these two pictures in one line of one listview (listview image component), so then I created two of them next to each other, both including one picture. now I got two pictures in one line, as I wanted, but if I know scroll, only one of the two listviews scrolls, as expected.
So is there a way to create a listview with many pictures in one line, ore is there an extension, which can combine those two listviews to one( so if I scroll, both of them move)?

So create a custom listview with dynamic components or with yusufichan extension


Ok thanks, I will try that out, but do far I didn’t find a yusufichan extension​:man_shrugging:

Really :flushed:

Thank you very much.
I think, this extension solvedmy Problems, I’ve now created a List with many pictures in it.
Thank you for doing research


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