Move the phone and detect the distance traveled

Hey there:v: my phone is on a flat surface, laying with the screen on top, and when I move it I would like to detect the distance traveled in whatever units metric you want, it’s the same. Can I do this? How? Maybe combining some android sensors(?) I don’t know… Thanks:slightly_smiling_face:

this sounds like you try to detect very small distances like some centimeters inside of a building?
see for example this Stackoverflow answer

for large distances outside you could use the location sensor and GPS…


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try using pedometer

I’m quite sure that the second answer in the link you gave me could work, but how can I calculate a double-integral in Kodular? Can I use your math extension? If yes, could you give me an example of syntax? :sweat_smile:

what about doing some more research yourself?
for example
and the answers from here