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Mp3 Player

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MP3 Player provides the best musical experience for you. Browse all songs on android device and listen to music without Wi-Fi . You deserve this perfect offline music player for free now!


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Mp3Player.apk (6.6 MB)


Thanks @Taifun for Taifun File and Taifun Player extensions and @deephost for Search View extension and ofcouse Kodular Staff and Community.

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Where do the MP3 (files) come from?

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Provide Local mp3 file already downloaded in users device.

Use search view extension of deephost

Thanks I will try it in next update.

Are mp3 files downloaded to the device when the app is started for the first time? If so, where to?

Use airtable also do not allow user to download song and the mp3 music you upload should have licence

You are getting me in wrong way, this app only shows file with .mp3 extension with the help of Taifun File extension and show them in this app.
This app is like Play Music app.

No, app didn’t have download feature.

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You should test your app first before uploading it here.
The app doesn’t work at all.

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Use airtable

What error you are getting ?
I have tested it many times and currently using app but didn’t get any type of error.

On one of my test devices (Android 9) the app doesn’t start at all or freezes on Screen1.

On another test device (Android 5) extSdCard is displayed after about 5 seconds, after clicking it I get several error messages: "... must be in statusPlaying or..." and "Error701: Unable ..."

I know all these issues very well and I know where the mistakes are. So first test and then publish.

Note: Uninstall the app from your device und reinstall …

Done, I have tested it but not getting error, may be you are getting error because your extSdCard storage didn’t have any .mp3 file.

Error 701: ... load file /storage/extSdCard

Do you mean the external (removable) SD card?
If so, what is the path to it that you have declared in your app?

Yes but I have used Taifun file extensions Available Storage Directory blocks as you shown here

Read this:

and try this to get the correct path to your MP3 files (folder) → APK in my last post:

Btw, the app also does not work on a 3rd test device (with an external, removable SDcard) (Android 9).
So tell us what device & Android version you are using.

Device - Panasonic P100
Version - 7
Showing same error or different

But Taifun’s File ext. usually (at least for newer Android versions) does not return such a path of an external (removable) SD card:


should be somthing like this:

Have you hard-coded this path?