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Device - Panasonic P100
Version - 7
Showing same error or different

But Taifun’s File ext. usually (at least for newer Android versions) does not return such a path of an external (removable) SD card:


should be somthing like this:

Have you hard-coded this path?


APK file is updated.

I request @bodymindpower to test this once again and if @bodymindpower face any error any error again, please report to me.

Thanks to @Kushagra and @bodymindpower for there suggestion and feedback and ofcouse Kodular and Extension Developers.

No, it’s the same.

Wouldn’t you like to give credits to respected extension developers?


Yes, now it is updated:

Now the app starts, but I get this: “No Song Found in internal storage”.
(Xiaomi Redmi Note5, Android 9).

I have no time to test also on other devices …

This error shows there is no mp3 file available in your device internal storage.

Done, Thanks for remember me.

Of course there are mp3 files and in the internal storage and also on the external (removable) SD card.

Can be please tell be the absolute internal and external storage path so I can get mp3 file from both internal and external storage. I used Taifun File extension to get storage directory path but may be problem is raising here to get path.

thank you for using the file extension and player extension

use Do it to debug your blocks…
a full path starts with file:///, for example
file:///storage/emulated/0/Music… EDIT: file path corrected, thank you @bodymindpower
also you might want to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks…



Internal Storage Directory path ;
External Storage Directory path file:///storage/extSdCard/

I am using these Directory paths to get mp3 files from all folders available in these directories.
Will there directory path works in every Android device ?

For clarification:
The path file:///mnt/storage/0/ does not exist,
should be: file:///mnt/sdcard/Music/ or:

As I already said, read this:

If I use /storage/82C3-E96C/ as external storage directory path, will it work for every Android device ?

As I said, you have to get the paths at runtime. You cannot use absolute paths.

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Please help me how can I do this ?

the file extension offers the method AvailableStorageDirectories for this

@Taifun We already talked about this, in post #16:

I think everything necessary has already been said.

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