MrBeySoftwareSpeech Free Extension

    • Open the MIT App Inventor project where you want to use the ExoVideoPlayer extension.
  • Go to the “Extensions” section and click on “Import Extension”.
  • Select the .aix file you generated in step 3.
  • Once imported, you should see the ExoVideoPlayer extension available in the “Blocks Editor”.

Remember to replace the placeholder code in the example with the actual implementation of the ExoVideo player as per your requirements. Additionally, make sure to handle edge cases, error checking, and adapt the code to your specific use case.


from the title


from the description

so what exactly is this extension about?
Is it a speech recognizer? Is it a video player? Is it something else?
Also we are in the Kodular community here and not App Inventor…

what is step 3 and where are step 1 and 2?

Also what about providing at least a short description of what the extension is about as well as a short documentation of the methods and events?


I think he wrote documentation by the help of ChatGPT.
Maybe source code of his aix also generated by ChatGPT.


for me this “contribution” looks useless
I will unlist this meanwhile
@MrBeySoftware might want to add the missing information