Problem with ScSpeechRecognizer

i have a problem: i want speech recognition without Google dialogue, but the only extension i found for this is ScSpeechRecognizer, published on the AppyBuilder community, does not work with Kodular. i’ve tested it in App Inventor and it worked there, but not here - here it is just doesn’t start recording, even if i provided the microphone permission, and it does not generate any errors or end recording. Instead of dialogue from Google, i want to put my own warning and get rid of this pop-up post notification. Link on this extension: [Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue - Extensions - AppyBuilder] Please, help! Thank you

Were you testing via the companion
Because the companion has all the default components put in already and that means there are two thing using the same API but in mitappinventor I don’t think it has speech to text by default

It’s work fine i work with it

yes, but it also did not worked

can you share a project with it, pls

I create an long project. Can’t