How to activate speech to text

Is there a way that you can activate voice to text on a something like hey google or something.

What about using speech recognizer component ?



Yeah thats the one

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This one can be used?

Why won’t you try it ? What do you want to achieve ?

Like in android if you do “Hey google, and the thing here lets say a app name which will be a component name in my app” and then it opens it like is that possible?

I think it is possible if you want to open another app after saying specific command.
User says the command → if the command contains specific text → TaifunPM open specific application
e.g., You say “Open Play Store” → if response contains downcase play store → call TaifunPM Launch app

Maybe if you want to make the speech to be text first then you may use the rule of changing Label to the user’s speech text after speech is done.

TaifunPM? whats that?

Package Manager extension but might not work as intended in android 11

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It is an extension created by Taifun. I use it to open another application.

Hello, @Viraj_M

Here are the things you may need:



It will use Google’s speech to text service to make your speech transformed to a text in Label1

Good luck!

Already done this i dont want this

Did You try This ?

I dont want to actually open an app I just want to like uhm like when you say Hey google it opens google assistant the rest I’ll try to figure out.

I think what you are trying to do is to trigger your app from any screen, e.g., you open your phone’s Home screen then if you said the triggering words it will launch your app. If that is the case, I do not think this is possible as the app will always running and stand by for the hotword detection.

No. The app will be active it will take the input after you say the trigger word in the app not outside so lets say the trigger word is Hello voice then it will take the input with speech and then it will open the specific screen

How to use this component to convert another language (not English) speech to text?

I found this
it works. Thank you Taifun

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is there any component that can be use to detect any hotward…??? That means when I say that particular word it will be respond.