Has to use voice command to trigger buttons or clickable images

I didn’t find anything in the community like what I want, I could do a normal app, but besides you manually click on a button or on a clickable image, you can “click” on these buttons by voice command? for example an on and off button, that when speaking (the name of the button) followed by the command to turn on the button is pressed?

Maybe :


Use speech recognizer component.
and use after getting text block event.
Use Result parameter
Use an if block ( to check result’s Value) and trigger the click block of the desired object.

The question is: when will the voice reading be triggered?

this is for a job i am doing for my college, it is a system using iot that controls lights and appliances in a house, and i think it would be nice for the user to be able to say “turn on a living room lamp” instead of just clicking a button.
about your question, “when the voice reading will be triggered” I thought about using a microphone icon and the person clicks there and then you can say what you want, would it be cool?

Yes it works. But, if user is going to click to talk, he can click to turn on and off, right? So, the talking tool would not be useful. Do not you think ?
But, if it is only for you to present the possibilities of voice command, that’s fine

In the vaccine line with my mother, I saw that the vaccination forms were filled out by hand, on paper. I think it should be faster and more efficient
So I made this simple example.

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cool, really if the user can click there, they can click on the button, but it’s more to show that it can be done like that too, maybe even the voice command on the home without having to go to the location where the button is.
so see if I understand, I use the speech recognition command, I speak, and then I call the result parameter if the result is correct, I call the button, is that it?

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Yes. That way, it should work.
You saw that I used an Extension, okay?

extension? no, which one did you use?