MS SQL server, I need extension

hello friends, can you help me about the subject, I need MS SQL SERVER connection, the application I will make will work with SQL server, thank you i pay your fee not MySQL I need MS SQL Server

No need for an extension. Use an API

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How can you give an example? I have SQL server 2014 on my computer and I want to send data to the database via tables, it can be via ip connection via mobile application or it can be local connection.

here is an example for MySQL… adjust it to your needs…

You have to host the php file on a web server for http requests.

I’m not talking about mysql, what I’m talking about is microsoft sql server


Or use some other programming language… PHP…etc

I guess there is no solution

Yes there is… as I suggested above. You need to connect using a script (.NET, PHP). Make an SQL command ( Select,Update,Delete and Insert ) and return Json. In Kodular use the web component to handle the return. Use dictionary or Component Lookup pairs key

So the way is you look for :

How to connect MSSQL SERVER using .net or PHP ?

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yes, I’m aware of that…
however I can only provide a MySQL server solution…
your job is to adjust that solution to your needs to access your MS Sql Server



May I ask why you’d like to use MSSQL?

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I have a cafe application that works locally with Microsoft SQL server and I want to make a tablet application to it, and I want to send the data to SQL tables from this tablet application via the ip address. And if it connects directly to the tables, that would be great and the connection between the Code and the computer would be resolved too, if only someone could do that.

It means that I have to make a lot of settings between MySQL and mssql in each client, it both wastes time and the client does not like this situation, it would be very nice if he connects directly to the mssql server via the ip address, it would be great It is possible

For example, it would be great if a developer named dep host could make the MySQL extension and convert it to mssql for the codes.

Web Server ?

You need to create the script to access your database and place the script on your local server In Kodular , you will use the web Component to access your local url + Script.( PHP or .Net …or another language ). This Script will execute the connection, its searches (Select), its insertions (Insert), updates (Update)…

As mentioned above, with Mysql there is already this Script ready and the blocks of examples. You would just install Mysql on your server (maybe with XAMPP or Laragon)

Changes in php + Mysql script are not many. You will have to change the connection + driver install in your server…


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Because the suggestion is to write a script similar to the php script (which is used in my example to access the MySQL database). Your script of course will access your MS SQL server directly ( without using any MySQL database)

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sorry i don’t understand can you give an example

Open This link

Copy the PHP Script. And you will need to change the Mysql connection to MSSQLSERVER. Kodular blocks are in the same link The explanation of how it works is detailed Your job will be to exchange the Mysql connection commands for Mssql Server.

I will try now and post the result here

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