Multi level referal app aia file

please help me in creating aia file for multi level referal system, can someone please make a demo aia file for me.

What have you tried yourself?

Tried to make such referal system but did’nt able find related information that could help me

Hello friend, I know how to do this type of system … the levels can be infinite, I can create the system if you want, but it will have a cost.
If you are interested, let me know

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I only want a demo of that can you please share the blocks of that referal screen

Hi Sumit,
Glad to see your curiosity around the topic but little bit of your own research will definitely help you long way. I will try to give you an idea how things will work, then read related content and proceed further.

  1. First you will need a basic Signup screen where user can provide their details which you want to collect like name, phone, email, address etc and another field called referral code.
  2. Upon collecting details, save all of these details in a database table called users, which will have columns corresponding to your input fields and a auto_increment integer field let’s say user_id to give unique id to each user.
  3. Now as per your own logic, you might give each user a unique code which is their referral code, in order to make it unique, you can make use of the user_id we have created earlier which is already unique.
  4. Put a logic to validate whether the referral code provided is correct or not by reading the value from user and validating it against the database.

These is initial starting point, give it a try it’s more simple than you think. Good luck

Can we get a unique referral ID shared by the app user who has his ID with a URL in startvalue?