Multimedia SMS, MMS

How can we send multimedia like images, audios, videos through sms using texting comonent?

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as far as I know you can’t
someone needs to write a MMS extension…

Thanks for replying, can you write and publish an mms extension, it would be very helpful :blush:

We are in well developed mode then why do have to switch back to old method of sending MMS… ? We can enjoy thee latest or the modern methods and also users never be to download the MMS, they prefer only on WhatsApp, Twitter,FB etc etc…

But here I am trying to create a messenger app in which i can’t send one to one images, audios, videos etc.

ok ok i understand

hey, do u know how to show permissions in list, because the extension in kodular isn’t working, is there any other method to do so

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this extension is showing error

share the error in that topic

a person has shared the same error but no reply

can you share blocks

blocks are fine but the error is in the extension

can you share the error then?

maybe someone can solve this?

Hello, I just wanted to say that I would welcome an MMS extension too. I do know this technology is outdated but it has a few distinct advantages for what I’m trying to do (a range of apps for rural users in places where there is no wifi). Whatsapp, mail and so on all require data so in these places the user should have data on the phone and it’s an substantial additional cost for a second phone dedicated to my app. Whereas MMS is free and illimited in these places and you can send as many as you want for just 2€ a month.
So if anybody felt up to try to do a MMS extension, especially with a sending with no user interaction feature it would be very welcome :slight_smile:

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