Multiple Call WEB.Get

I searched but not found answer.

I use call web.get to upload data from database to server via URL:

server success response is: ID OK (1234 OK)

in got event text I then delete record with ID from a database.

and then I send new request.

Question is: Can I do more call web.get requests before I get response from server (as I get ID back in response) or I need to use more WEB elements to achive faster DB upload?

Best regards, Alex

Your php server should be able to handle multiple requests at one time, you need to handle the responses coming back from the server though.

I suggest and recommend you put all your items to be uploaded in a list, and send these one at a time, in a loop using web1.gottext to send the next once a response has arrived.

That is exacty how I do at the moment. Data is in dB and I take first data, upload, and when receive response I send next one. But the problem is that I get new data every 20…50ms so If I want to upload in real time I need to do it in paralell.

As server is capable to handle multiple requests so It would be a big speed up if I would upload with multiple requests.

Idea is to raise new request when new data is logged and delete processed data within got event text with an ID that server returned.