Multiple image upload through cloudinary

Can anyone help me…how to upload multiple images in database through cloudinary component

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You can’t upload multiple images at one time.
But you can use for each item or for each number from loops to upload images in a row.


Ok bro…

Have you got your answer?

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The problem with that methid, Is that you’ll receivethe images URL on any order, not the list order.

bro can we do this by first calling images through taifun file extension from particular folder then uploading it into cloudinary…can someone help me in the block part

I don’t think that will happen.
It will provide images URL when they are uploaded.
Like there are two images. And you have used for each item loop then it will first upload image 1 and then image 2
So when URL will be returned the first URL will be of image1 and so on.

Try it and Tell us what happened

Sure I will try it.


I already have that feature in my app. It works perfectly.
Uploading Blocks in a minute

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