Multiple keywords search

I’ve been searching but seems can’t find the closest that I need, so I really need your help.

Well, currently I have a search bar that look for one value out of two values (Area and Description) in Firebase database. The blocks that I’m using are shown below.
So my question is, how can I search or filter out using both values and display out the results ya? Thank you very much. :pray: :pray: :pray:

you can use different tags for the values.
then you can call the tags and set values in different labels using set text


My meaning was, when I first type “Lumut” for Area, the list will show all items under keyword “Lumut”, and further on I wish to filter out this list by typing in the Description keyword, eg. “babysitter” then the final list display out would be only the item(s) only contains “Lumut” + “babysitter”.
So how am I going to arrange my blocks in order to do like the situation mentioned above ya?
Note: all information shown below are fake and for testing only.

Maybe you should divide the search terms into pieces first
then take the first search term and look for items contains that
and make a temporary list of those items

and then process the second search term in that temporary list
and maybe third search term like this…

I mean this is the logic you know.



Noted on your suggestions and will try it out.


Sorry if sound silly but what you meant by SGDB ya?


Are you saying arrangement like this? But seems cannot work. :disappointed_relieved:
Actually my idea is like when I type “lumut babysitter” in the search bar, then only items with value “Lumut” and “Babysitter” will displayed out in the listview.

you cant use 2 “on text change block” at the same time. use just one. you have to put an “if condition” when number of search terms exceeds 1, then search process will continue on the temporary list. this is just a prediction. I have to work on blocks for the exact solutions. maybe someone gives better idea, there are more experienced koders than me here.