Multiple line text not working for me please solve it

Hello great koders I am creating a News App and I have managed to do everything I wanted it to have eg. Admin Panel where I can upload image and write texts etc, I am using Airtable to save data and then I call the data to my app.

But the problem I have faced is that, I can’t manage to break the texts and get the new lines for the article which I upload into my Artable.

I have seen some topics that have solved this issue but to me none of the methods work eg. I have tried
and also I have tried \n but nothing works.

but these topics show that the abve methods work’.
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Sorry it looks like this topic is closed but I am in the same trouble however trying to search for a solution I saw another related topic

[quote=“Sander, post:3, topic:6749, full:true”]
I will add an option for this in the next release
[/quote] List with Image and Text multiple line

I have tried all the methods but I haven’t solved it yet
see the images

This is what I get

I can’t get the lines

Please help me to know where am I wrong!

@Lily Try using <p> and </p> to write text as a paragraph in html. Write the text with the p - tags. Or try using <br> to have a break between sentences.

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I don’t understand maybe

<p> your text paragraph </p>

Thank @mjssakuruppampady you this worked fine for me as I wanted

Ok, let me try

@Lily I think you marked the wrong post as solution​:v:. Solution was 2 posts above​:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Sorry @mjssakuruppampady I have remarked the correct solution:pray: :pray: :pray:

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