Multiple Listview design by dynamic components extension | Guide

Please can you share block :smiley: :heart:

Sorry currently not bcos I am not at my laptop
It is not difficult just do what I told

Sorry for the inconvenience. My intention was if I could take the data from AirTable and put it as a list…Did what I said apply to it as well?

Just replace marked block to get number

And all will work perfect

How i add countdown time in dynamic component list view. i have made but can not do countdown contiune .when i load list its just show 0d:21:20:10 but want its ruining . how i use clock to run this countdown

@jeettechnoguide I have created this with my own extension

With these blocks I can run countdown in dynamic labels

and it worked you just have to set endtime and ids blocks and it will work perfectly

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yes It is working in dynamic label Thank you @Sumit1334

Now I am using this my contest design

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On which component

May you please explain me which design you are using in your app

index should be a number, not a component


There is no need to put get component block
Just put get id block at index

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You want to make the cardview bg colour transparent?
If yes then try colour utility block

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@Sumit1334 I am making this type of Shopping Item Card like this.

Can you make json for this?

But I need Only Image, Title, Main Price, Discount in%, Discount in ₹ and Add To Cart Button.

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Soory currently working on extension but when I will free I will do till then please pm a exact design images

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Okk. :relieved::relieved:
I am also making an extension right now.

Creating schema is not such easy from python

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actually i am creating a contest list so each contest has different end time .i am tried to store end contest time in in list but how i compare this time in dynamic list which running countdown…please help in my project i can pay you .

how to create own schema template?

Helpful guide…

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I already done same like this.