Multiple Spotlight in a sequence, one after the other

(Pepocero) #1

This is a tutorial to make several Spotlight appear one after the other.

Something like in this:

First, we create a procedure to use whenever needed. We also created a variable (Spotlight) to control the messages.


Then we assign to a button (or it can be when the screen is initialized, or with whatever you want) the function of displaying the first message.

The following messages will be shown one after the other when you click on the screen.

We place the procedure and complete it with the values we need.


Here the SpotlightId is important. That’s a value we assign to it to identify one another’s Spotlight.

Then we use the Spotlight.Clicked event.


and so, using the SpotlightId you can show all the Spotlights you need.

(Luca) #2

Simple but Great tutorial! Thank you for your contribution!

Just to make this complete I think that you should have also a block to set the variable Spotlight to zero after all the elements have been shown…
something like this…