Multiple text fields in custom notification dialog

I’ve searched and couldn’t find anyone that had this issue. I am trying to create a custom notifier dialog that has multiple text entry fields to provide account number and address before my users hit submit and the information is sent to me. I can only edit one of the text fields when using the companion and can’t select the other one even though I do have it set to enabled. Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Please show your block for easy assistance and better understanding.

What did You try ?
Custom dialog ?

Sorry, I didn’t respond… Had a long weekend due to the holiday.

I have a simple layout for the dialog
Custom Dialog Layout

I’m then using this in the initialize function for the screen
blocks (8)

Here’s the custom dialog function

I’m only able to edit the account number field and not the address field. I need them both filled in before the user submits this.