Music Files Not Loading

Hi Kodular Community,

I modified a kodular audio player aia file to create a book summary audio player app. The backend of the app is connected to airtable and the music title, audio link, audio subtitle, etc are loaded from the database in airtable.

The issue I’m facing is that when I click on a list element (audio to be played), it opens into the music player page like it’s supposed to, BUT the image, audio title, audio subtitle, and the audio to be played keeps on loading forever.

The circular progress bar does not go away. I am attaching the screenshots of the blocks below. Please do refer to that.

Why is the audio not loading? How can I resolve it?

Use Do it to debug you blocks. Temporily add a label and see what happens when you click on a list element. Also from all those blocks that you posted I could not find when list view click blocks

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