Music Player Offline

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Music Player - fixed some bugs

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An application to play music offline. Excellent search by mp3. Save folders, artist …
All credits to the creators of the TaifunFile extension that was used to develop this application.


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Includes option portuguese, english and spanish language and more updates (2020/07/31)
With API
Musicplayer.apk (6.1 MB)
fixed some bugs - 2020/07/30

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:grinning: Great app

thank you for using the file extension App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps
keep up the good work

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App is really Cool…

Would you mind not listing out the extensions you’ve used?

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Open app →


Nice work, you can improve the look by changing the color of the control icons or use font awesome to give a more catchy look


I encounter the same problem when I try to open the app.

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Why not list?

Yes, there are some bugs. I will try to correct them and resubmit the application.

I’m not very good at design, but I will improve for the next update.

Please confirm for me, this error is only the first time the application is loaded?

No, every time …

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Please see if the problems have been fixed.

have u used api

Your app is crashing not opening

Wow! Great app. You developed very good app.well done. Keep working.

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May have to do with your Android version.

I did not understand the question.

Using redmi note 7 pro at its latest version available