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Text To Speech & Speech To Text

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First of all I’d like to thank all the Koders to help me to make this app…


In this app, you can convert Text to Speech in different languages and accents.

In this app you can convert text to speech in many languages and accents and also convert your voice to text…

Everything doesn’t ends here…
• You can adjust the pitch to low, medium or high…

• You can also adjust the speed to slow, medium or fast…

• You can write the text and convert it into speech in different languages…

• The languages in which you can write are: Hindi, Spanish, English, French and many more…

• Moreover you can also try a variety of accents of different countries: India, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Ireland and Singapore…

This app can read the text aloud in different languages and different accents anytime and anywhere…


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Guys please leave a review if you liked it…

Update: Added 20 countries and a language

I didn’t ever thought it was gonna be so useful for the people! Got over 4k downloads!! And thanks a lot if you are one among them :heart: Might reach higher, but I unpublished it due to a certain reason. If you want the apk or aia, just leave a message.


Congratulations for your app :partying_face: BTW, have you got your app icon from the web.Is it copyright free?You must change it with an icon you mad your self if it isn’t, or at least change it’s background.( still it must be copyright free )


Oh sure I’ll change it


Congratulation for your first app


Thanks a lot​:smiley::smiley:

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Congrats @Manbir . Good work.

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Great app. Congratulations.

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Thaks a lot @techVsurya and @Romnigames

Congratulation for your first app

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Thanks a lot :smiley:

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Great start @Manbir and congratulations for your 1st app! :+1:

Also, you can easily generate adaptive icon for your app following this guide:
Generate Adaptive Icon For Your App Easily

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Thanks a lot @FahadAhmad :smiley:

Ok sure… Thanks I was looking for it only…

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Congratulations. Build more apps and publish. All the best.


Thanks a lot @Automate_My_Project :smiley:
Definitely I’ll make more apps… If you find any bug in my app or have any suggestion, Please tell me as I’m working on it’s update…

Wow !! Very Nice !! :+1: :+1:

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Thanks a lot @D_Apps :star_struck:

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Congratulations :tada::clap:

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Thanks a lot @jkvlogs

BTW Welcome to the community

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Congratulations for your app.

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Thanks @Nisarga :star_struck:

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