My Account - An error occurred!

When I try to login to my account, I get an error like this. Can you help me ?

I notified the devs about this. Please be patient.

But Status page shows that they are operational:

So it is quite confusing.

But it is manually updated a long ago

I have a problem with my computer, should I try it from a different computer. Or will it be done manually

I am trying to open My Account page in Kodular but I got an error.
Is anyone Please Help me to open it or All Members got this issue?


What if you do what it says, try again later.

I sometimes have the same but then refresh my browser and then it works.


i have the same problem

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I tried from last 6 Hours. Still Got this issue. Even tries in Different browsers…

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We are looking into this at the moment.


You guys should be patient as @Peter said, what if it’s a special update for Kodular Account :smirk:

All: issue should be fixed now.


It’s fixed now, thank you very much

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Pls help me open my account it’s showing internal error occurred return to
Pls fixed this issue. I spent lots of time in my project pls help

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i think open in incognito mode

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It happened to my account too, is that something staff fix or should i wait it ?