My airtabel not working with Spreadsheet & ColinTree help please

Hello great Kodulars I am designing the app which I want to call the data from Airtable and I am also using ColinTree extension as you can see the Blocks and other images.

The Blocks

*My airtable8

See the API Key, Base ID & Table Name

I thought that maybe I am wrong with my blocks etc, but I tried to use an aia which is working perfectly and I tried to change the API Key with Base ID but they are not working yet! So I thing the problem maybe my Airtable Account but I tried to open another airtable account but yet it didn’t work.

Please I need your help.

This aia is working but when I try to change the API key, Base Id and Table name it is not working.

Do you have empty rows in your airtable database? If yes you have to delete them. You can’t get the data if you have empty rows or cells

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Sorry @George_Loungos can you elaborate more what do you mean by empty lows in my Airtable Database?

You have two rows 9 and 10 and they are empty (no data). You have to delete them.


[quote=“George_Loungos, post:4, topic:50460”]
You have to rows 9 and 10 and they are empty (no data). You have to delete them.
@George_Loungos is that may be a problem? Ok let me try to delete them and see.

Wow I am verry very Greateful my dear @George_Loungos You have solved my problem.

I didn’t know if that could cause a confilict, imagine I have suffered with this project 3 days.

Thank you once again @George_Loungos you have solved my problem.

Happy to help you can mark my answer as solution

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@George_Loungos sure you have done the best and quick help :100: may God bless you indeed.
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :green_heart:

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