My apk targeting api 29 is not working on andriod 8.1.0

Pls… is there any way to make my apk api level 29 support all andriod phones
cos my apk targeting api 29 is not working on andriod 8.1.0

pls help

You changed the min api to 29 which won’t work except with android 10! change it again to api 19.Because there is a difference between the target api and the min api.The target api is the highest api that your app target which is set in the manifest and the min api which set in the designer.You iwll need just to changbe the min api to 19 for example.And the target api will be set automaticly to 29.Don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t understood you question clearly but I think you have set the Min SDK field to Android 10 (API 29) in your designer under Screen 1. Lower it a bit to something like Android 7 (API 24) or Android 8(API 26) and then try again

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We both posted at nearly same time @Mohamed_Tamer :sweat_smile:

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if i set it to api19…which is andriod 4.4… how do i publish it to playstore cos they only accept api 29

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You’re getting min API and target API mixed up. Min API is the lowest API level your app can run on, whereas target API is the level it was built for. Both are independent parameters.

We automatically set the target API to level 29 so you can publish your app to the Play Store regardless of the min API


Thank u very much

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I am setting the api level as 19, After November 2, 2020, shall my app be available in Google Play Store.

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Yes, because all compiled apps are API 29 compatible.

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