My app ad approval application is still under review

Hello, when will my application be approved? my previous applications were approved in 2 days

I explain which professions earn how much in my practice and how to earn money from the internet.

Please do not double post


In my opinion it is not the same however, since this has been asked 1000 times, so do us a favor and search the community or in my.kodular click on the support button to read some more…

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not a double post I asked when it would be confirmed and thankyou

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Mine has been waiting for 7 days and it is not approved, I don’t know why, do I have things to write?

I am waiting too, I hope it will be approved as soon as possible


After the last update of kodular io, it became very difficult to approve ads. I have about 40 applications, only 2 of them have ad approval.

my app is approved then unapproved another of my application

more than 12 days what should I Do still under review

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