I was submitted my app for 1 week it is still awaiting

My application published on Google Play Store but still awaiting for kodular monetization approval I am waiting for approval
My app id : 6652727683710976
More information for I have attached screenshot

If your app is in playstore then you do not need for approval.

But I want to update this app on Google Play Store but it is not updated on Google Play Store because it is not approved on kodular monetization.

It show ad if you update your app. Once your app is downloaded from playstore then it automatically show ad

Ok , I will try it then tell you
Thank you
And my other kodular app in message showing " you already have an under review" monetized and not monitized

This is beacuse you already submitted an app for approval. You can send only one app at once for approval

Yes but I have not submitted app for ads approval. This app in showing this message

But in this image it shows that you submitted for ads approval

My kodular app id : 5153312724746240
Above app id is not requested for kodular monetization but it showing same message"you already have an app under review"

Please help me above my query.