You already have an app under review

i have created many kodular app and 2 app published on google play store but now one query showing my all monetized and none monetized all project “You already have an app under review” this message showing all apps and i am waiting for for ads aproval for more then one month but still same error showing. more infromation for i have attached screes shot.

Search the forum, this has been explained before.

I have Read your article but my query is not solved so, please help because my query was old 2 to 3 months

As I said search the forum. Your query is nothing new, it has been asked and answered many times.

I was tried as per your instructions but my query is different my all kodular app like monetize and not monetize same error “You already have an app under review” showing

You can only apply for one app monetizing at a time, the message tells you that you already have one…

You may post your app-id or name of the app so admins can take a look.

App id : 6652727683710976
Ads Approval Requst time and Date: Apr 4, 2021, 3:45 PM

I was allready take monetize approval but now showing message is “you already have an app under review”

My app id : 5820048486694912

Second time same issue found in my kodular account monetize time showing message "already have an app under review”
My app id: 6652727683710976
And mail screenshot attached

Your screenshot does not show that.

Second time this message showing, why this repeated, this app h was ads already approved.
My app id : 5820048486694912