MY App connot compile due to error in the metadata stage

when i am going to compile it showing that “your build failed due to an error in the metadata stage, not because of an error in your program.”

help please as soon as possible because i am going to publish that app today but due to this kodular new update i cannot understand where is the problem.

i am thinking that it is a problem of outdated extension. if anyone know how to know outdated extension then please guide me and let me resolve the problem.

If you want help you have to give info. Tell about your project and extensions.

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Screenshot 2021-07-16 095349
Screenshot 2021-07-16 095641
Screenshot 2021-07-16 095721

this is the problem that i cannot compile and here is the extensions i am using.

I think its a problem with extensions , androidx issue

any solution for fast rocovery because i am going to publish this app today and unfortunately i cannot compile, can you tell me which extensions are androidX issue!

you may try this and check which extension is not compatible

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With so many extensions it is hard to say which one is the problem. I guess you have searched the community and already found that the Phase extension can cause problems with the new Kodular version.

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yes i found phase but i want to know that any more extionsion like this having problem or not. ok let me check after deleting the phase then i am replying here ok

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29 extensions? By using so many extensions you could really very easily get into trouble. If only one of the developers doesn’t support his extensions any more or it may contain an error which is not fixed then you app will not work anymore.

I always try to use as few extensions as possible. And only when i have found that an extension developer is serious and supporting his extensions i may use them in my projects.


i am not using 29 extensions only 17-20 extensions but few more are there for support purpose i am not using in project