My app crash 🥺in main screen

My app crashed when it’s enter in main screen

App login screen ✓

But after login when app enter in main screen then app automatically close .

There is 1000 block ( block work fine in Companion)
Please anyone Suggest me how I find where is excalty problem .

Post at least a screenshot of when screen.initialize block. With out more info no one can help you

Does you use any third party extension

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Always try to use updated version of extension. Outdated extension some time will give trouble the same. Especially checked up your screen initia blocks. Or share with us

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recheck for clock component. (always fire true/false ) maybe you have to put that false but by default it was true.

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@develop_think Please share image of block of screen initialize (of the screen which is crashing ) So we can check .or the best way is to share aia if you can (not forcing ) thanks

it would be better, If you provide relevant blocks
Check when screen initialize or enter in to main screen require internet, because i have got same problem like when i try to get data from database if the database didn’t respond or some extension require internet even if you get internet if they didn’t function well the may crush

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