My App Crashes on Startup

Hello, my app is crashing and I see no obvious reason. When I connect to companion it does work. But when I install de APK it starts crashing. I would put screenshots of my blocks but there are quite a lot of blocks. I am leaving my .aia here, thanks for your help.

I think it could be caused by Google Games component but I’m not sure.FUNCIONAL_copy.aia (465.1 KB)

Is your google game component on the first screen…

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I tried disabling the blocks that cause Google Games Component to work, but it is still crashing. Have any idea on how should I change the blocks? I don’t get why it is crashing.
The component was a few versions ago
Thanks for your help

Disable one block after another and test each APK until you find the block (cause of the crash). You cannot expect the community to do this for you. When you have found the source of the error (block), ask your question when it’s still necessary.

No, I didn’t mean you to test my apk. I just asked if you had any similar situation before and you could know where the mistake was. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
The problem was Google Game Component as @Alapjeet said.
I tried disabling everything but it never worked.
I had to erase the component and re-add it. May be a bug

Show your Blocks in your post instead of providing the aia file… This will save time of users and they may be able to respond at the moment… Keep this in mind… Thanks


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