My app crashes when I open a specific screen .But works fine in kodular

My app crashes after a new update of kodular …app worked fine befor …but after update … app starting shut down when i open a specific screen … I fill all field of switch button … but it doesnot work … but works fine in companion

Pls check the pinned post

Your answer is there


I checked it before posting…I have only one component from them …that is …switch button …but app shows problem after that

Did you set any name or value to switch? If not it will causes the error, based on the pinned post

I did

Check all the component text fields… if not use the debug method to catch logcat and post here… people will help you

Remove DEEPHOST AIX then try
same problem with me so I am remove all deephost image compreser aix the my app work fine

I have to fill TXT box before …:thinking::thinking: … means … in phone number text bar … what i will write …

No, text box is not mentioned over there. Just fill the components they hinted in the pinned post.

Also disable or remove deep host extension and try as said above

Deephosts … extension …custom list view …working fine in all other screen …if it has any problem …then no screen would open …i also used it in home screen and working fine

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I got my solution …About screen texts are empty …Now app working fine

my app still doesn’t work. have followed all the steps

Check tiny db…namespaces…

Yes, I have

May be it can problem with your uploaded aix

@Kerni what do you mean

He means with extensions that might not work when app is targeting SDK 30


I found the error, had to fill all switches with a text and fill in the other screen with the about title

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this is what we r repeatedly telling from the beginning… Check all the components text fields, except text box…

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