My app - Educationaly

Thank You! :100: :heart_eyes:

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Hi @ravigarg
What about UP Board? :joy:

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@vknow360 I can do that too, but I don’t have money to do so, anyone willing to volunteer may contact me

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I invite everyone to join live quiz and launch of educationly at 2020-06-14T13:30:00Z2020-06-14T14:30:00Z

Update is here, download now and give your feedbacks.

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immediately find one error, in the first screen when pressing the previous button in said this.

you should set enable to false when it is the first screen of tutorial.


  1. Is it a must to use Indian phone number? I used a game number and I signed up
  2. When I clicked on the check result, it just keeps loading.
  3. When I press the badge button a few times, it zooms in whenever I press that button
  4. How can I join courses?
  5. Suggested to add cancel, back, home button when going to different screen, if not I have to use my back button.


  1. When I didn’t choose any answers from the quiz and I press submit, it shows this error
    Disabled the button if the user didn’t answer.

Thanks for pointing it out! I will check it. Add anything else you notice in your original post

Secondly, I suggest set cursor color to black or dark grey for text box.

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Please do that, so that I can check them at one place.
btw, Thank You!!

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As @WatermelonIce said if it’s the 1st page and we click previous error occurs you can fix it simply.

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Yes I know, it’ll take about 5-10 minutes, I will fix it in next update!

Thanks everyone for checking my app out! Any feedback is always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Edited my post, more feedbacks

And also if quiz have not started then you must disable the check result button.
And when results screen opens the make the loading notifier cancelable to false, currently I can cancel it.

Some suggestions

  1. The icons used in profile section(achivement) are to big make them little small and the circular progress also cut from corner so make changes there to.
  2. Don’t use bright colour on bright colour. First decide some colour scheme. Don’t. Use solid colours for Bg. Use gradient colours.
  3. On some places the size of buttons are to big like in settings section.

And much more Improvement needed in UI.

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Yeh! I have kept it such a way that you can signup with any number because if it isn’t your own, then you will be the one later who will suffer. (Forgot Password requires OTP).

Check now!

Oh! That was because I used responsive sizing on button click, which leads to it getting multiplied again and again, will change that.

By having at least 200 points.

Ok Thanks for your suggestion

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Sorry that just happen now, check it again i’ve fixed it.

Yes, I will change it

Yes I will make them small, and for circular progress it looks ok in my device.

Are you talking about settings?

Can I get a screenshot marked with what exactly is the button you are talking about.

Thanks @themaayur and @WatermelonIce for your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart_eyes:


But not in my device. You must check it make some changes there.

Almost everywhere.

Need some time.

And the number of times I click on badge button the font size increase.

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But it is not the case in my phone it works perfectly even when no answer is selected, it may be something else.

Okh! Thanks for pointing out!

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  1. For signup I can use any random number without verifying

  2. For name I can just hit space

  3. Also for password I can hit space 8 times! And though I enter more than 8 character it shows me validation of min 8 character needed!

Video for all three bugs :point_down:

  1. I have not unlocked any courses then why it showing me progress :point_down:

  1. To whom did I sent friend request?

  1. I suddenly got some friend request and when I denied a request probably yours the view kept on updating without any further progress.
    Also how did my user name changed to that of @WatermelonIce? There is something wrong with your database
    Video of both issues :point_down:

  1. The quiz should have ended as the time is over, then also how can I participate

  1. When I kept on clicking next button, it resulted in error. I cannot post the video of same because of size limit

Many more bugs yet to be found


lol i created an accout too, what phone number you use?
I sent a request to a number 1234567819