My app got rejected

My app got rejected by I had made sure and followed all guide lines.
No browser
No third party content without permission
Ui design
No earning app

What can other reasons be?
Literally 6 days and got rejected for nothing.

This the fourth topic about that an app got rejected :thinking: What’s happening today :sweat_smile: ?
Any way, you can see here:

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I have seen that. I would have had no problem if they had rejected it in 2-3 hours or something. They reviewed it for whole 6 days and then rejected it !! crazy.

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They review multiple apps and not your app only.That’s why it takes time.

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Yes but they should make it faster somehow. What if you are freelancer and you are delaying your project to 6 days now literal 12 days. I hope you understand they can throw you off projects or deduct payment.

I have the same issue, after 10 days my app rejected, and I tried to get another approval also rejected after 2 hours
what I can do???
the first time I faced this issue

Check trademark for words you have used.

My app name Vi Di
I wrote ViDi which was similar to VIDI (trademarked word)

Now after knowing what is problem my app got approved.

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